Racehorse Management Posted on 10.20.2014 | DCTM

Racehorse Management: Managing the asset of an actively running racehorse can be the most important and the most volatile part of any equine business plan. Having a plan for each horse’s campaign is critical to maximizing it’s potential. Values can shift dramatically based on the performance and pedigree of the horse, and being able to sell at peaks is a key to a successful business strategy. Cutting losses is also important, since training and board expenses continue to add up if you are indecisive when dealing with a depreciating asset. Knowing the potential upside AND the downside value of each horse is imperative. Also, knowing the available sale opportunities is a key to making smart decisions. Doug has been involved in making these tough decisions for over 20 years, and the sales prices have ranged from $5,000 to $40,000,000. He knows the market and how to manage your horses to maximize their return.



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